From a Slow Heart to a Burning Heart


And they said to one another, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked with us on the way and while He opened to us the Scriptures?” Luke 24:32

On Resurrection Day, two men’s hearts on the road to Emmaus were changed.  At the outset, when Jesus met them on their journey, Jesus described them as “fools and slow of heart to believe”.

They had a slow and sluggish heart: they were so engulfed in recounting the terrible things that happened to Jesus two days before, how He was crucified and put to death by the chief priests and rulers.  Jesus, the One they thought would redeem Israel from all her enemies and woes, the earthly Messiah who would bring peace and prosperity in their homeland. Now their hopes were demolished.

They had a different vision and all they deliberated upon was the Christ’s misfortune, even discounting what they had heard that day, that early in the morning, certain women went to the sepulcher, saw a vision of angels and an empty grave. Slow and heavy hearts dwell upon the worst things that have happened and never get past these events.

As Jesus walked with them and spoke with them about the Scriptures, starting from Moses and all the prophets, slowly a kindling in their hearts began, and around sunset, when they approached Emmaus, their hearts were burning.

What a tremendous transformation, such that after Jesus disappeared from their midst at Emmaus, “on the same hour”, they excitedly headed all the way back to Jerusalem, to walk another seven miles, in the darkness of evening, to be with the eleven apostles.  They could not contain themselves, they had so much fire within them, their hearts were raging to deliver one message: “The Lord is risen indeed”.

Hearts slow to believe were transformed to quickened, burning hearts of faith when Jesus walked with them, talked with them, and opened the Scriptures to them. Registered & Protected

4 thoughts on “From a Slow Heart to a Burning Heart

  1. This is beautiful. It’s very true that when we talk with Jesus, we realize how very real He is. And it’s all I can do, at times, to keep from yelling my indescribable joy to the whole wide world.
    Thanks so much!

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