34 comments on “New York Harbor, One September

  1. Powerful poem! ” toothless of two towers” brought back that day. Even though I live up here in Canada – I cried that day. It was the first time my daughter saw me shed tears. ~ Wendy

  2. Dearest Dee, for those alive on that day, our lives are forever measured in the before and after ~ in the moments eclipsed by the loss of innocence. This is beautiful and sad…….but love is no stranger to either. *sigh* ~ Love you, Bobbie

  3. Another wonderful poem to touch minds and hearts. I’d love to see your poetry in book form too…no doubt you have a collection to publish…and hope you do that. Many thanks. Shelley

    • Thank you, Shelley for your lovely comments and wonderful suggestion! Yes, you are confirming what has been going through my mind the past few weeks, and I am in the process of looking into this. All my best, Dee

  4. i love the paper blown, the breath, before witnessing the destruction, words that add to and prepare for the fragility of your feelings. wonderful…

  5. Beautiful words and poem to remind us of the tragedy that befell our country and New York harbor. I reblogged a memorial post of mine too, that I did for last year’s anniversary of the photos and story I shared of our trip there in 1998.

      • Those photos have indeed become sentimental ones to us now. It is hard to believe too, that just four months prior to the 9/11 tragedy in 2001 my husband, Wayne and I were on another trip to Israel with our pastor and people from our church and never would have believed what event would shake the country and world months later.

  6. What a poignant and powerful poem remembering this awful event. The last stanza is particularly beautiful and stands in stark contrast to the events of that day – very emotive.

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