November Comes, My Love

November Comes, My Love

November, my love
is here again
and you are near
for warmth —

so many storms and seasons
we have weathered,
and now my arms
are leafless poplar
calloused from treacherous
bleached by salty floods
of rising tides —

furrows are sculpted
upon my face,
where streams flow
into endless rivers,
and yet behold,
a multitude of buttress dams
cannot contain
the sparkle of my laughter
above my nighttime

November comes, my love,
and you are near.

by D. G. V. © 2012

38 thoughts on “November Comes, My Love

  1. Oh, how beautiful, Dee. Tis the story of life, of time, of wisdom given us by love and an understanding of what matters most – that which has no real season but the one of living, and living beyond. I love this for it’s tenderness and it’s brilliant simplicity. Thank you, Dee. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. Absolutely beautiful in words and emotions. I love how you started it off by saying: “and you are here for warmth”. My husband warms up my side before I crawl in on cold nights. Maybe I can return him the favor once I get hot flashes in a couple of years? 😉
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. beauty and tenderness and love make life worth living…i´m so glad you have so much of each in your sweet heart. isn´t it wonderful when our words are true about our earthly husband and the Lord too? that is a blessed life, indeed.

    • Yes, Indeed, Lorna… beauty and tenderness and love make life worth living. It is a blessing to experience these gifts each day. How aptly you express it, that it is such grace to experience these in an earthly husband, albeit only a reflection of the pure manifestation of these that come from the Lord. Amazing grace indeed. Thank you so much for this wondrous perspective, my dear friend. Love, Dee

  4. Oh what a lovely poem ! Stemming from a land where turquoise lagoons, white beaches and sunny rays dance on my face — how I always long for “November colors”.
    This brought a smile. Thank you.

    • And I was born and raised in a place with white beaches and sunny rays as well, making me accustomed to the warmth, a stranger to the cold… but I was transplanted into a place of four seasons, and now I behold the changing colors, and at this moment, the colors of Autumn. Thank you for your lovely comments and visit! It makes my heart sing.

  5. A sort of lullaby if I may – I so love and admire the folktales, and the songs of really not so long ago that embrace the spiritual quality of not being defeated – but realizing we are mortal, that pain is and simply that is – not not eternal. Your words give us the cycle of time but a comfort that no matter how weathered, battered, even mortal we are there was and is in the cycle embrace. You’ve done very well here, poet.

    • Oh I am tickled that you found this to be a sort of lullaby. It is a comforting thought that mortality and pain are not eternal, but our spirits are, and through all the cycles of time that our mortal feet tread upon, in the end, we find ourselves embraced by the everlasting arms. Thank you for your beautiful insights and thoughts, Sandra (poet)! Always, Dee

  6. Your poem is really good – especially when I compare it with other poems in the net. And I like November anyhow because it`s my birthday next week.
    Thanks and greetings from a literary tour through Dublin and Ireland from
    and last not least thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    • Hi Klausbernd, I am delighted to know my poem speaks to you. I’d like to wish you advance Happy Birthday next week, and my best wishes for a wonderful birthday and enjoyable literary tour through Dublin and Ireland. I look forward to visiting your blog again. Thank you most kindly. Dee

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