“Almost April”

… back from my travels… I turn around and once again, it’s Almost April

Almost April:
when crocuses,
speckle colors
on frigid earth,
and buried bulbs unfurl
their green fingers —

a cold cauldron sits
atop a flame,
warmth simmers:
as approaching dawn.

Almost morning:
when softest tones tiptoe
through purple darkness,
and wakening lark arises
in radiant song,
daybreak deafness.

Almost laughter.  

by D. G. Vachal Š 2012

20 thoughts on ““Almost April”

  1. Welcome back Dee – and with what a lovely poem to share with us 🙂

    Almost April, almost morning, almost laughter – yes, almost there.

    Peace and blessings,

  2. Beautiful spring blooms to encourage my day – we’ve been hit by a wicked snowstorm which has caused accidents, closed highways, and caused general trouble hereabouts…

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