33 comments on ““Petals Under Moonlight”

  1. …the owls play their piccolos…the crickets their castanets… (Absolutely wonderful!) πŸ™‚ The flow of this poem is like stepping into a May garden on a cool evening – beautifully penned!

  2. You’re a gifted writer! Thanks for sharing creation’s beauty through your mind’s eye…. Lovely!

  3. Love this, Dee. That flower seems to be singing……….swaying beneath the promise of the sun. Unfortunately, I live in an area where we don’t see much in the way of seasons. We have winter, thirty minutes of spring and then summer. Already, we’ve had many 90+ days……..and yet, the wind whispers of far away places, and cool mountain streams. Nature is one of God’s sweetest gifts! Love you, Dee. ~ Always, Bobbie

  4. I particularly love the first verse, the owls, the crickets. And I was struck by the way the flower appears to be looking at the moon – I imagine it looking shyly at it. Good combination of poem and photo.

  5. Thank you Carroll for sharing this beautiful poem me and my mummy enjoyed so much and the pretty flower too. I had to share on my blog page, please come and have a look at my adventures. Princess Daisy May, Puss Cat 6 & 3/4 and her adventures. Purrrrrrrrrr πŸ™‚

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