32 comments on “Worry: Its Causes and Solutions

  1. Hi Dee…

    Solid, practical and wise advice that we all should follow day by day, moment by moment. We cannot rejoice in the Lord and hold onto worry at the same time…the two are mutually exclusive. Yet, even when things are bad, we are commanded to rejoice in Him. Why? Because even our rejoicing should – and must – be rooted in our faith in the Lord’s deliverance and promised kindness to us. And, faith in our Savior should leave absolutely no room for worrying about the bad things that ‘might’ happen to us. As it’s written, “If God be for us, who [or what] can be against us?” Thanks for this timely blessing, Dee!


  2. Thank you Dee for the great truths you have spoken, and for reminding us that we are all weaklings, and as such, at one time or another, fall prey to this great temptation – worry. I think that a constant “walk with the Lord” will set us free from all worldly cares!

  3. Enjoyed your post worry is not what Jesus died for us to have. Fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real” we must stay in the word of GOD when trauma hits. We must stay in the word of GOD when are life is calm. The bible is the only way I can navigate this thing called life. 🙂

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  5. I remember talking with a nine-year-old son of a pastor years ago. He looked at me and asked, “Isn’t worry a sin?”

    I would definitely say that worry is non-faith. And I would say that non-faith is sin. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

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