Let Not the Words of my Silence

Valery Chichkin - At the end of the day

Let not the words of my silence
engulf you with thoughts
that I am gone —

I am here

Despite the absence
of the warmth of my palms
upon your face

I am here —

Though my song is only
palpable in the coolness
of the summer breeze,
caught in the scent
of flowering meadows

I am here

Through the stealthy moments
while the verdant
leaves turn
from emerald to garnet,
topaz to platinum,
silver to earthen dust —

I am here,
I am always here.

by D. G. Vachal © 2014

Photography by Valery Chichkin – “At the End of the Day”

24 thoughts on “Let Not the Words of my Silence

    • Thank you, Vivian. It has been difficult, being away. Yes, it has been a long absence, and the longer I was away, the harder it was to come back. I am glad I took the plunge with this post today. It is like coming home. Blessings, Dee

  1. Dee, welcome back. I have so missed your beautiful poems. They always speak as if from your heart (and am sure they are) into our hearts. And the line of “being away” I’m sure is, too, and the poem weaves such vibrant colors and descriptive thoughts throughout.

    • Thank you so much, Joyce! It is wonderful to know that the words I speak from my heart speak to your heart. I am apt to using color a lot, a la Matisse, my favorite artist… so happy to be back, and hope not too sporadically, in spite of the pressures of work. Blessings, Dee

  2. As always, Tita, your poems are very moving with a touch of melancholy and a pinch of introspection. Glad to know you’re writing once again!

    • Thank you so much, Wendell! Love you too, my brother, and I am overjoyed that these words brought blessings and spiritual embrace to you! I tremble with awe at God’s precious gifts that He has bestowed each of us, purposed to bring blessings to others. Spiritual hugs to you too, Wendell!

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