12 comments on “The Amazing Gift of Eternal Life

  1. …and beyond the promise is a command that we simply LOVE…….for through love, our life extends beyond our life………..so that we not only have eternal life with God, but eternal life here in the lives of others we have blessed with His grace. Exceptional!!!

  2. Thank you, Dee, very well said…when we see and know Him on the inside, we become progressively changed into that same image, from glory to glory, on the outside – so that all the world can witness Him in us.


  3. I love it! eternal life what a concept. I have an 89 year old mom she was talking to me the other day about death and how she was afraid to die, I said, “mam who wants to live in this little town forever, heaven is Gods paradise moment for you that last forever.. death is but an entrance into the eternal… forever alive in paradise..thats a God idea.
    Blessings my sister.

    • Yes, truly death is nothing to be afraid of, especially when we are in Christ. To be absent in the body is to be present with Christ. Thank you for your wonderful comment, and blessings to you, brother. Dee

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