The Years, My Friend

Winter by Farhad
The Years, My Friend

The years, my friend, have not been kind
upon your marble face,   I hear the river songs
tinkle with the cymbals,
your eyes are shriveled grapes upon the vine,
your mouth a wounded cherry,
pecked reddish-grey
by restless robins.

Take my hand, my friend,
let us go to the calling fields that blaze with diamonds
under the eternal skies,
to the orchards in the midst of these winter days,
where leafless branches stand dauntless
in the endless cold, with jubilant tales to tell
in the blizzard of their days —

harken to the legends
of the root and the bud and the sun,
and the promise
(believe the promise)
that warmth and springtime
will come,
(it always comes)
once again.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** Photography by Farhad

32 thoughts on “The Years, My Friend

    • Thank you, Wendy! Indeed, springtime is a promise, that comes with fulfillment, that in spite of the inevitable winters and storms in life, there always awaits for us, the increasingly green and warm, and surely promised Spring! Thank you for your lovely comment, Wendy, and blessings to you, too, my dear friend! Dee

  1. Oh Dee, it’s a song. It is a wave, a gentle lap of emotion with the undercurrent of pull toward a vastness of emotion – the joy that can only be understood due to sorrow. Very well done, very well done.

  2. i love the music in your words, so beautiful. i like to wait until my mind is clear and ready for one of your poems. so lovely, thank you. and i must say, i like the line with the robin so very much…

    • It makes me so happy to know you can hear the music in my words, for I work on the sounds and the flow of the poem. Makes me smile when you say you like the line with the robin a lot. Thank you so much, Lorna. Love, Dee

  3. In the moments where forever weaves our tears into a dream, lovers rest – forgotten for their loss. I love this, Dee. The sweet beautiful reminder of spring, which shall bring the dead to life again. Love you, Bobbie

    • The eternal constancy of the turn of the seasons renews our inward hearts day by day. How beautifully you put into words, that “forever weaves our tears into a dream, and lovers rest”. Thank you, Bobbie, for sharing your light and beauty. Love, Dee

  4. One of your best so far, Dang. It brings to mind the Camus quote that my old prof, Doc Casambre, had in his office at the UP Faculty Center – “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Even more beautiful, knowing by faith the force that drives the seasons!

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