19 comments on “The Yoke and the Learning

  1. Thank-you Dee. Knee deep in loam and wondering if the yoke is actually working can only last for so long…sometimes we forget the joy of actually pulling hard, pushing ourselves and taking that step in faith because it’s hard and it’s lonely – but it’s the looking back that gives the satisfaction, and the small little voice that says, there truly is a God because no way could I plow that straight or that deep alone.

    • How beautifully you say it, Sandra, it almost brings me to tears. Yes, like you, I have been there in the field, while knee deep in loam, and looking back at the furrows straight and deep, with wonder and praise. Thank you so much for the poetry of your thoughts.

  2. Dee, this is (as expected) absolutely beautiful. I am reminded that most of our burdens are those God never intended we carry – the burdens of envy, jealousy and judgement come to mind. God never intended us to know those burdens, but rather to trust in His divine understanding and grace. Once we accept His invitation to ‘let go’, we can stand straighter, denied the weight of being human. I love this and hope your day is as beautiful as you are in the graces you show us the light. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • Yes, dear Bobbie, how true what you say, that being human in and of itself manufactures all types of burdens that God never intended for us to carry. And it is this very state that God reaches out to rescue us, to save us from ourselves. I love how you say it — “to let go and stand straighter, denied the weight of being human.” Thank you, Bobbie, for such beautiful words of truth. Love as always, Dee

  3. We sure could use a lightening of our burdens and I do understand how you have interpreted this and appreciate how you’ve given us this little gift today! God Bless, Kathi

  4. His yoke contrasts with the Pharisees yoke, who bind burdens too heavy to lift on people. I wonder if part of the reason His yoke is more gentle is that He is pulling it along with us. The Pharisees would not lift a finger to help out, if I recall. Thank you for posting this. It is encouraging to read.

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