“The Warmth of Summer Rain”

freesia in the spring rain by John Morgan @ Flickr Creative Commons
The Warmth of Summer Rain

I walk
upon the springtime grass,
moss and lichen,
I am

flesh and bone
upon the cobblestones,
smoldering coals
upon melting snow,
I await

the warmth of summer rain
into ebony bowls of loam
where barks of lilacs come to rest
from their blooming,
they smile
at the dance of lilies —

I have traveled the continents
of the years,
countries of the seasons
under the opiate canopy
of space and time —

The years tell stories
upon the lecterns
of my face,
I am

younger than my days,
I carry the heart of a little child,
my tiny feet frolic
in the white linen warmth
of  summer rain.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

***  Photograph by John Morgan @ Flickr Commons

40 thoughts on ““The Warmth of Summer Rain”

  1. This poem gave me ethereal chills.. . . . . Your artistry of expression, your ability to translate feeling and non-physical personal experiences into this cumbersome human language — is phenomenal! I too am appreciative of, and grateful for, your ‘work’.

    • And I am most appreciative of, and grateful for your gracious words and visit. I smile at the words “ethereal chills”. That this poem touched you in a special way gives me inexplicable joy. Thank you so much. All my best, Dee

  2. Dee, there’s a taste of William Carlos Williams in this, a favorite of mine [as you are]. Many facets are unfolded in your viewpoint and deep appreciation for everything around you and self-awareness! BEAUTIFUL voices within each verse! Blessings dear~ Deb

    • Oh my, to offer a taste of William Carlos Williams in these words is quite an honor. Thank you, Deb for your gracious comments on this peace and on my work. I am thrilled that you heard beautiful voices within each verse. Blessings to you too, dear friend! Dee

  3. Marvellous Dee:-) Loved the entire poem and especially these words – “the smoldering coals
    of melting snow” – so unique this blend of fire and ice, or rather, icy fire. Thank you for sharing, Eric

    • Most definitely, to be still and know that He is God, as well as to be in awe of His creation. I am blessed that this poem reminds you of that beautiful scripture. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading my posts. In His grace, Dee

  4. :)http://iamforchange.wordpress.com/awards-page-and-nominations-thank-you-i-am-so-honored-and-grateful/ So many have shared so much with me and I wish to share as well please accept my nominations and if nothing else know I am grateful for your sharing on your pages with us all and the time you share with me on mine.Thank you!! 🙂 Joe

  5. I love the lines:

    I walk
    upon the springtime grass,
    the moss and lichen,
    I am

    Being one with nature, the grass springing up beween my toes, never being quite sure what my next step will find.


    • Thank you for visiting my blog through Eric’s post. I am so happy to know you found the last stanza of the poem captivating. I will soon be visiting your blog, too. I apologize for the delayed response as I am traveling. Best wishes, Dee

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