14 comments on ““Faith on Trial: When the Wicked Prosper”

  1. I love this, Dee. I am reminded of two things I know for sure – I am not God – and we should do right for right’s sake (love as we’ve been commanded).

    Maybe a year ago, our minister spoke of how there were religious groups who spoke of fire and brimstone such they frightened people. He went on to say, ‘we want people to do good because they want to get to heaven, not because they fear hell.’ It bothered me such that I spoke with him later. I expect from myself that I try to do right (and be loving) without the promise or threat of anything. The psalmist knows that the reward is not in love, but in loving. Our trials are many, but our comfort is light. Always we are loved. ~ As are you, my precious Dee. ~ Always, Bobbie

  2. You have given us another well-written and insightful post, Dee. Thank you for sharing.

    I can’t add to it but share a snippet – judge not, expect not, live true and leave the rest to Him.

    Peace and blessings,

    • Splendid words to live by — to “judge not, expect not, live true and leave the rest to Him”. Thank you for sharing this snippet of wisdom, Eric, and for your heartwarming comments. Peace and blessings. Dee

  3. Your words are very true and I cannot argue. I will confess, however, I’m too restless. I suppose being female a certain resentment builds when told to reflect like the psalmist above. I feel that way, I suppose because when I feel a slight, or feel my sisters in Christ are thwarted by a “pecking order,” I will not stand still nor will I remain silent. I know you do not mean an injustice – but that is the insidiousness of being a female and being Christian. So often women are praised for enduring – and I cannot go there. Yes, the greatest among us are servants – but the female is expected to take that role too often. So when the “wicked,” prosper – I do not worry, when those words above are twisted into a sort of slavery of religion, I’m afraid I shout.

    • Hi Sandra, thank you for the honesty of your words. This post presents some thoughts by Dr. Lloyd-Jones on Psalm 73, and I must admit I was essentially targeting the post for myself to ponder upon, because I, too, become restless and so quick to speak out when it comes to things that I perceive do not seem right and just. Being a female and a Christian brings some quandaries because of the “submissiveness expected of women” doctrines that have been propagated through the centuries, which may result in some sort of “slavery of religion”. And you are right, when words in the Bible are twisted to serve some political or social agenda, then that in itself is religion that enslaves, and it is indeed fitting and proper to stand and speak out the truth in love. Love, Dee

  4. During my most difficult times of pain and suffering after surviving a semi-truck accident while riding as a passenger in a car listening to Max Mclean read Pslams was the most peaceful for me. GOD has given us exactly what we need to survive and thrive in our most darkest times of trial. GOD bless you for writing this blog to help others. Melody

    • Dear Melody, Thank you for sharing what you went through after surviving a semi-truck accident. Praise God for bringing you through all that difficult trial and for being with you every step of the way. It is a blessing to hear your words of experience that God gives us exactly what we need to survive and thrive in our most darkest times of trial. God bless you, too, for being an inspiration to others through your blog. Love, Dee

  5. Thank you for sharing this teaching. Dr. Lloyd-Jones did a wonderful job handling this very controversial subject. Lord bless you and the ministry here.

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