5 comments on “The Narrow Gate that Leads to Life

  1. Nice post. And what a beautiful picture! Committing to stick with Jesus isn’t always the easiest choice but even if there were no eternal rewards I’d still do it. Just having Him around makes the tough times of today a little more bearable and the joys of life more joyful. He had much to teach us about how to live life to the full if we will not let the daunting idea of following Him through a narrow gate, not quite knowing what’s on the other side, or anything else, stop us from clinging to Him. God bless.

  2. Hi Dee,
    Another wonderful post…walking the strait path is indeed a daily choice – even a moment-by-moment choice that we can only accomplish by yielding to our Shepherd and Helper. And if our Shepherd, the Head of the Household, was persecuted and had to go through the struggles, then we of the Household might as well get it through our heads that we must stand against the same things – and that we can get through all these things victoriously through Christ who strengthens us! Thanks again, Dee


    • Hi Lester,
      Thank you for your insightful comments, and for illuminating the fact that through Christ, we can get through life’s difficulties because in Him all things consist, all power has been granted unto Him, in Him is everything we need and beyond what we could even imagine. Such are the incomprehensible riches of Christ, and it is indeed a privilege to be identified with our Savior.

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