Warmth and Rain

… traveling again with unpredictable web connectivity and a full schedule… my blogging activity will be sporadic for the next few days …

Warmth and Rain

A carpet of rain greets me
in  the land of the rising sun,
soft as the smiles of women in kimonos,
gentle as their tread in silken slippers,
and my harried heart unravels
from the origami
of purple cranes —

dusk arrives in a myopic mist,
as the aircraft lifts me to the sky,
I watch infinite shades of blue
darken to indigo,
and the rain comes again to meet me
on the tarmac
in Manila —

late afternoon among the clouds,
descending slowly
upon these emerald islands,
the warmth surrounds me,
bare feet await
to walk through my familiar places
once again.

By D. G. V. © 2012

19 thoughts on “Warmth and Rain

  1. beautiful, as always, and full of sweet emotion. have a wonderful journey…i know it will be blessed and full of surprises. love you!

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