“The Sound of Snow”

The Sound of Snow

Lace and flannel fall
on February ground,
like flocks of woolen lambs
upon the leafless hills—

Tell me,
can you hear the sound of snow,
catch the tranquil meekness
quite unlike

the clamor of rain
or the tumult of sleet,
horse hoofs that trample
the cobblestones —

garments with diamonds
clothe the naked branches,
there are no echoes
from their voiceless song,
no footsteps
to their elegant

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** Photography: Winter Trees by T. Frarug

33 thoughts on ““The Sound of Snow”

  1. Beautifully written, Dee. Living in southern California we sometimes get the clamor, tumult and horses’ hoofs of rain (we did this week) but almost never get the voiceless song unless we are willing to venture into the local mountains.

  2. Dee, I envy you this moment of light……of blankets born of angels. The image is beautiful, as I can imagine the look out your windows, your eyes lit with the wonder. Your words, as always, walk softer than the snow. Love it and you…….. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  3. Beautiful comparison between the noisy rain and the gentle snow. The former runs off before morning breaks – I wonder why, is it because he made such a din and afraid of what people would say. The latter waits for us – lets us enjoy her purity and beauty, before she gently gives way to sun and day.

    I never looked at rain and snow in such ways – but for your poem above.

    Thank you Dee, you have my admiration,

  4. Dee, your poem so eloquently describes the elegance of fresh snow on barren trees and ground! I love how lovely snow looks on a brown landscape (like the photo you posted). It makes me hope for just one more dusting of it here before the crocuses bloom…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Very beautiful Dee. It makes me think of being out on the cross country trails in Northern Michigan when it was snowing , so peaceful. It also brings to mind seeing the sheep out the the fields covered in snow when I was a child. Lovely.

    • Hi Sarah! Yes, I remember Northern Michigan when we visited your family, it seemed that there was endless snow! Oh, what a lovely picture of the sheep out in the fields covered with snow… I have never experienced that. Thank you, Sarah for dropping by! God bless! Dee

  6. I treasure these sacred moments of melting into the silence and beauty of falling snow especially at night wheb the chiaroscuro of light and dark is more intense. Your poem is a diamond. Many thanks!

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