“Treasures in the Morning”

Anita Martinz @ Wikimedia Commons

Cold tentacles
hold on
to burgeoning branches
beneath the April sun:
yellow butterflies alight
upon celadon lapels
of  petal-packed corollas —

Skies are cyan, crystal-clear,
embossed with goose
down pillows
in alabaster dreams —

There are treasures in the morning,
this platinum morning:
emerald and gold
over infantile leaves
of oak and elm —
ruby and sapphire,
topaz, turquoise and amethyst
in the tranquil blooming
of the promised flowers.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** Photograph by Anita Martinz @ Wikimedia Commons

24 thoughts on ““Treasures in the Morning”

  1. If we ever become weary, cold to the struggle of spring’s hard fought battle to regain and live, if we do not see the precious stone reflected within the quick life of the bloom – we’ve lost our ability to talk to God beyond mere language.
    I feel your praises Dee – don’t stop, shout so the rocks will not raise up.

    • Thank you, Eric. I am thrilled that the colors in this post came bursting through! Peace, Dee (p.s. due to a change of address in your web site, for some reason, I have not been receiving your posts… I think I must “re-follow”…) 🙂

  2. I love your vividly visual verse. It conjures up the most dreamily beautiful images and I feel such a sense of peace and tranquillity. Thank you.

  3. I love this, Dee…………and am reminded that Spring takes our breath (but always gives it back). Beautiful and filled with the grace of the writer. ~ Love to you always, Bobbie

  4. I love mornings, especially at the lake, where everything is magical in its waking. I love your lines:

    embossed with goose
    down pillows
    in alabaster dreams —

    It is in alabaster dreams that I sit in nature, amazed by the flowers opening, birds flitting from branch to branch and animals, curious, scurrying, hopping or brushing through the woods.

    Thanks for following my blog. I am following yours as well and will be back often.


    • Dreams kept in alabaster, as precious oil and perfume were kept in alabaster jars in olden times. Thank you for sharing your alabaster dreams, so vivid that I can envision the flowers, the birds and other animals in the woods. Thank you, Dennis. Best wishes, Dee

  5. It’s all so beautiful– the images you paint (even using cyan)– I would think you a painter. Your poetry is an inspiration because it comes so close to what I try to do in my own humble way. So glad to find you. And just love: “embossed with goose down pillows soakedin alabaster dreams!”

    • How wonderful to know that this poem touched you. As I shared with one fellow blogger quite a while ago, I was very clumsy in my Art classes, never being able to draw a straight line, or paint within the margins, even with crayola! I somehow compensate my clumsy hands with the words I use to describe things. Thank you so much for reading this poem and for your lovely comments!

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