26 comments on ““Sourland Mountain in July”

  1. Absolutely outstanding. The reference to the psalm but rather than a valley of death a valley of heat and teeming with life. Your benediction toward life the high church reference. I’m excited about this one Dee. Really outstanding work!!!

  2. With papal white smoke – the selection made by His grace
    Psalms of emerald leaves – what melodies these wrought
    Uniform green madness – we are all one, yet (madness) different
    I take nothing for granted – anything from Him is not to taken for granted
    Leaves into brown paper bags – our mortality

    I say no more as it would rob the pleasure of others…

    It is my good fortune to read and relish His Gifts through you, a Bearer.

    Peace and blessings, my dear 🙂


    • Dear Eric,

      How intricately you dissect the words of this poem, and discern the function of components. Thank you for sharing your interpretations – I loved each one of them, and particularly smiled at your take on the line “uniform green madness”. 🙂

      It is a humbling honor to be the bearer of His gifts.

      Peace and blessings,

    • Deb, I am awestruck by your perspective and insight about the heat cleansing the dross. I needed to hear that as it is very relevant to me, as well as the focus on praise. Thank you and blessings to you, dear friend. Dee

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