8 comments on “How to Follow the Golden Rule

  1. Thanks for this reminder. So thankful that He understands our helplessness and gives us an opportunity to start fresh each new day with new resolve to walk in love and humility.

  2. Great message and a good reminder of what we know, but tend to ignore all to often in our lives. I really think the key word in the verse is “liberty,” and resting in His word and obedience to Him, is truly liberating. As we become more obedient servants, we experience more liberty.

  3. “…we turn to God, and look into His face.” I was continually drawn back to those words. When we look into God’s face (by looking at His Word, which is Jesus), into the ‘perfect Law of Liberty,’ we’re changed into that same glorious image, from one glorious level to the next (James 1:25, 1 Corinthians 3:17-18). Thanks again, Dee…another great post!

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