6 comments on “The Golden Rule, the Law and the Prophets

  1. The Lords words are written in my heart, “Love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul, and love our brothers and sisters as we would love ourselves”. By doing this the Lord said we would not have a problem with the other commandments, and would keep them, for you will do it always because of Gods spirit, that spirit whose nature and power has embraced you and stays with you to guide and teach you! (paraphrased) Dee after reading your post I am lifted on a natural high, and feel so heavenly. The life in your words are from His spirit and they will multiply in the hearts of many! Thank you for the spiritual hug tonight my sister! God bless you always!

    • And they are written in my heart in the same way, Wendell. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on these verses, and it is a blessing to know that the words in this post made you feel heavenly. Thank you my brother for reading and expounding upon this post. God bless you to the utmost and make His face shine upon you with His love. Yours in Christ, Dee

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