13 comments on “The Sorrow of Forsaking Christ

  1. Well said lily, I was just reading this scripture recently and was struck by the true deep sorrow that filled the rich man. The choice to follow Christ is not the easy choice but it is the choice that brings true and GREAT Joy, where as the easy choice to stay with his riches left him in sorrow. For so many people the unknown Joy of Christ is easier to reject than the well-known emptiness of their sinful nature. I choose hard wonderful beautiful JOY.

  2. When we give up earthly possessions, we give up our pride, confidence – making ourselves humble and vulnerable…trusting fully in God. For me, this is what Scripture says…

    • Truly you’ve pinpointed on the heart of the matter, Eric. It is what we take pride in that enslaves us and bars us from trusting God. Pride takes many forms: money, intellectual pride, physical appearance, etc. When we humble ourselves and lay down this pride, then we are truly set free to follow and fully trust God. Thank you for sharing your insight! 🙂

  3. One of the greatest pieces of advice my grandfather ever gave me – ‘you never miss what you give away’. The minute we start giving, our abudance multiplies in all ways (most often by merely opening our eyes)……… None of this is ours. Everything I might claim to own is merely on loan from He who provides all that I am (all that I need). It is His not because I give it to HIM but because He shares it with me! Thank you for this beautiful reminder. – Love, Bobbie

    • What a wonderful piece of advice your grandfather gave you, Bobbie! Thank you for sharing it with us! And it is so true that everything belongs to Him, and might we be so fortunate to live this life, and to share in His abundance! Love, Dee

  4. Quote:”Can great worldly possessions cause sorrow?” thats a thought provoker….what a will a man give in exchange for his soul?…Blessings my friend..

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