34 comments on “October Storm Prelude

  1. Dee – love the flavescent leaves and the colors in the first stanza and can feel the chill of the air with the howling wind. Are you in the hurricanes path in the northeast? Take all possible care and stay safe, my friend! K

    • Hi Kathleen, yes, we are in the path of the hurricane, right smack in the center of the target of the impending storm, so we are bracing ourselves… thank you for your concern, and I am glad you like the first stanza of the poem… I am holding on to the beauty of the autumn leaves, as these hold on for dear life, before the fierce winds come. Thank you, my friend! D

  2. most beautiful poem, but sad to read that you’re writing it in the shadow of an impending hurricane. Hope all is well for you and it passes by with no harm to you or the trees….

    • Thank you so much, Valerie. It is eerily calm, and yet all the television and radio newscasts are warning us here in the Northeastern US to prepare for the onslaught of a storm of historic proportions. Today, I reveled in the sight of the magnificent autumnal trees in their wondrous splendor, and with you, I pray, that they will not suffer much harm during this predicted hurricane.

  3. Your poem left me speechless (wordless) with its beauty and intensity. It is my favorite of yours that I have read, so far. I will say a prayer for you as I go tuck my daughter into bed in a few minutes. May you be tucked in safe and sound during this hurricane.

    Blessings to you, Dee ~ Wendy

        • Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your concern. We were affected by Hurricane Sandy here in NJ, but thankfully we are safe in our area compared to the Jersey Shore and other areas like Staten Island, NY. We sustained some damage due to the very strong winds, uprooted trees and power lines, but not as extensive —we also lost internet connectivity, so I was offline. We are slowly getting back to normalcy. I hope to get back to blogging soon. Blessings to you, Dee

  4. Such hauntingly beautiful words that have touched my heart. Thank you. So sorry to hear of the impending hurricane. I whispered an instant heartfelt prayer to Father for deliverance for you all. Blessings.

  5. Being not only from the Southeast but still in it, I’m fully aware of the feelings of trepidation that a violent storm can bring…and I’ve seen firsthand what they can do (Hugo). I’ve also experienced firsthand the Lord’s saving grace and power to keep safe and deliver (Hugo). Thank you for your beautiful words, Dee…by faith in His unbounded love may all be delivered and come through even stronger.


  6. beautiful, as always…and i am praying for you! oh how many times have the only words i knew been these: the Lord is my light and my salvation… love you!

  7. …I love this, and can feel the tension. But beyond that, beyond the ruin, another rest in the stillest promise of renewal. Be safe, sweet Dee…….. ~ All my love always, Bobbie

    • Dearest Bobbie, as sure as the cycle of the seasons, days of rain and storm come after days of sunshine. But there is a rest in knowing that God holds us in the palm of His hand. Thank you for your love and concern. Love, Dee

  8. Dee, still praying for you! let me know how you are, if you can. sometimes all we can do is follow Jesus… much love, lorna

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