20 comments on “The Voice of God

  1. “An open Heaven…” What a great picture and description of our relationship with the Creator of the universe…who takes notice of us, and loved us enough to give the most Precious Thing He had in order to get us back – His Son Jesus Christ. Such awesome Love. Thank you, Dee…


  2. beautiful, Dee.

    i always think that moment in jacob´s life is one of the most magical places in the Bible. i love to read it. and how beautiful it became in the life of Christ, and is for us. everything about Jesus is for us, it´s so amazing. i will look up the book you referenced. gutenberg is wonderful, and i love christian classics ethereal, and even the internet archive has such books on Jesus. i truly thank God for the way He weaves us all together, past present and future… bless you today! love, lorna

  3. When I read of this moment for Jacob, I think of our own lives and those who exist (I can’t really call it living) without faith. The ladder is there the same; it’s just that we have to open our eyes in order to see. This is beautiful, Dee. As always, you move my spirit and touch my heart. ~ Love you, Bobbie

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