“Vault of Memories”

Sunflowers by Stephen B. Watley

Sunflowers by Stephen B. Watley

Vault of Memories

Our vault of memories
opens and closes
with clanging sounds,
redefines our dreams,
rudely awakens us
in the midst of deepest
slumbers —

snaps the whip
as we make decisions
in love and business,
directs our hands to wield
or spare the rod
in the discipline
of our children —

it is a vault,
yet much the same as churchyards
where we light candles
and whisper softly
as the tallow accumulates
and we mold the putty
in our hands,
rewrite the  scripted scenes,
revisit glorious sunsets,
adorn the porches of summer
with scarlet geraniums —

we contrive perfection
from the past,
yet through this somnolent veil
reality’s briars arise,
the grown-up tears,
the laughter
of childhood —

of catching grasshoppers
and climbing fruit trees,
the dimes earned from chores,
the aplomb gained
from life’s little triumphs —

and for certain
this confidence grows
and is sustaining us:

for from this vault of memories
we draw our water
from the well,
regain our strength,
build our faith,
apply the brilliant brush strokes of the day,
and in the lavender shades of twilight
we chart out and envision
our tomorrows.

By D. G. Vachal © 2012-2013

29 thoughts on ““Vault of Memories”

  1. I’m always absorbed with the weaving of the simple things of day to day living and the grander scheme of life’s purpose ~you are electrifying in both emotional and spiritual realities Jeanne… glorious poetry ! Thank goodness for memories ! xo

    • Yes, thank goodness for memories and the vault that preserves them! And thank you, Deb, for your insightful comments. The “weaving of simple things of daily living and the grander scheme of life’s purpose” — you have put the words of this poem into a grand perspective, to my surprise of delight and joy. With gratitude and love, Dee

  2. your poem is lovely. it’s written deeply yet doesn’t lose its lightness of bearing. thanks so much for sharing it with me today. tony

    • Dear Tony, the utmost compliment to any poetry endeavor is for the reader to feel that the words do not lose their “lightness of bearing”. How distinctly you describe these words that are to be coveted. Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to reading your thoughts in words… Best wishes, Dee

  3. A very beautiful painting (not only because I love sunflowers 😀 ) with a wonderful poem! Thank your for sharing.

  4. Dearest Dee, always your words remind me that love and life are ill defined by one set of words. Just when I think I’ve captured something, I am shown a new sky – a brighter sun. I love this and you. ~ Always, Bobbie

  5. We sow, reap, reflect, build and so our journey unfolds ahead of us – this thought sprang to mind as I strolled along your words. A lovely walk, Dee, and thank you.

    Eric 🙂

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