32 comments on ““Twilight and White Linen”

  1. what can I say! Truly a magnificent piece that incites the imagination and the subtle to breathe and lick ones lips in hungry anticipating for the feast! BEAUTIFUL ! xo

  2. You have always impressed me with your ability to use color as a description of surroundings but here you’ve captured our other senses. I sense distance in “latitude of faces,” but the meal itself is very familiar; the pepper, the zucchini. Your action here, a sacrifice, the fruit suspended, a sense of the forbidden, the cutting, the oil the aroma. I want to place my hands inside of yours to complete the task. Yet too, I feel that we are allowed a glimpse here, the sense of anticipation, for linen and twilight are very, very private. We should all have a sense of that sort of bliss. Very well done.

    • Dear Sandra, what impresses me is that I paint a landscape and you discover the gold and the ore, point to the fields where oil is to be found. Thank you for listening to the words of my heart and capturing its melody. Love, Dee

  3. Words evoking senses, colours embellishing the offering – what a delight, what a treat – a feast indeed, Dee 🙂

    You don’t post often, but when you do – it never fails to captivate.

    Peace and blessings,

  4. Oh my, Dee……….how can I even comment on something so beautiful…….something which took of my breath so easily. *sigh* I love this…….. how beautiful the soul to find the words. ~ Love always, Bobbie

    • Oh Bobbie, thank you for your most lovely thoughts — indeed it is the soul that can fathom the depths of beauty that sometimes, in serendipitous moments, finds itself in words…. Love always, Dee

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