“When Truth and I Behold Each Other”


When Truth and I behold each other,
my heart pulsates to the tempo of the soft-
spoken mist of rain that tiptoes
after the last bellow of the drunken
thunder has been silenced —
I forget this leavened flesh,
I am no longer

a tree walking
in my tannin espadrilles,
the alabaster egrets carry
my gesturing branches
across the turquoise oceans —
I am left with my eyes

sown in the meadow of the galaxies,
primordial  light-years turn  transparent
corneal sheaths
into the sun’s corona —

the brilliance is beyond diamonds.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** image credit: http://www.hdwallpapers.in

24 thoughts on ““When Truth and I Behold Each Other”

  1. O my, Dee……….this is absolutely unbelievable…………beauty beyond words, truth beyond our ability to tell……..(and yet you weave it magically)……… O, I love this. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  2. The transitions; you’ve taken risks with this one. I believe very much in the power of un-order, to bring about a conception of order in a reader’s mind. You’ve elongated perception here, do not stop, continue on this journey. The words bring thoughts of Eco’s arguments of artistic license within his novel The Name of the Rose, and the idea of heaven in CS Lewis, Narnia series – the further in, the wider the horizon. Well done.

    • Yes you are right, Sandy, I did take risks with this one — with the progression from tangible rain, audible thunder, traversing across the oceans, and up to the expanse of the galaxies. It is quite an honor that the words in this piece conjure up for you, arguments of great literary minds in their work. Thank you so much. Love, Dee

  3. Dee – this is just so lovely! So taken with the lines ‘I forget this leavened flesh,/I am no longer/
    a tree walking/in my tannin espadrilles,/the alabaster egrets carry/my gesturing branches…’ takes my breath away – K

  4. “Left with my eyes” —- journeying with the mind’s eyes into the beyond. A journey of the spirit. “The brilliance is beyond diamonds” —– for diamonds reflect borrowed light.

    What a journey this – from the corporeal into the ethereal.

    Peace and blessings,

    • Dear Eric,

      You have captured the soul of this piece, and you spell out distinctly what Sandra (Lydia Ink) in her comment calls the “order” from “un-order” in the reader’s mind. It is wonderful that you caught the progression, in terms of your own words: “from corporeal to ethereal”. For Truth in its essence is found when all external trappings are removed, and the brilliance of light shines through, by which we are able to see things clearly. I like your additional comment as to how diamonds reflect borrowed light — something to further ponder upon.

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight.

      Peace and blessings,

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