“August Air”

August Air

I walk, embraced
by the icy warmth
of this late summer dusk —
aglow, the embers of the fields
are fondled by the wind,
the wind that quenched the fires
of ephemeral dandelions —

Droplets of emerald blood
trickle down the boughs,
return to their invisible roots,
the leaves turn flavescent,
the cambric air is drenched in waterfalls
of honeysuckle blossoms —

I hear nostalgic songs
in the music of their fragrance.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

21 thoughts on ““August Air”

  1. This moves me to be still – to breathe and rejoice in the becoming of the fall……… I love this, Dee. May your day be filled with the sweet presence of knowing the love within each change. ~ Always love, Bobbie

  2. Beautiful and evocative verses. I love your choice of words, Dee > “fondled by the wind” and “Droplets of emerald blood” captured my mind’s eyes.

    Peace and blessings,
    P/s Trust your trip to Philippines (?) was enjoyable and yet, uneventlful.

    • Glad that you love the choice of words in this poem, Eric. Thanks so much. And yes, my trip to…you guessed it right, the Philippines, was enjoyable, fruitful, and uneventful. (Celebrated my Mom’s birthday)… posturing for another trip in a few weeks… for my Dad’s birthday… August and September are very hectic (but delightful) days for me.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. Excellent use of opposites. “Icy warmth,” the wind that quenches instead of igniting. These enhance your strength of color that also arouses the reader – emerald blood, stands out, again a sort of opposite because we recognize that the surroundings you place us in, does indeed beat emerald blood, the triumph of course is the ending hearing through the sense of smell – an opposite of sorts. This is actually very well done; we take our familiar walk, playing with the idea of the oh so familiar but turning it inside out, making us relive the familiar in different ways. Very well done Dee.

    • Thank you, Sandy. I am thrilled that you perceived the use of opposites, and you point out constructs in this piece that are fresh and new to me! It is always a pleasure to read your acute perceptions and observations. All my best, Dee

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