“Apples of the Unseen”

I grasp apples of the unseen,
bite deep into the pulp:
the tartness impels the furtive
flight of feet
to a wilderness far
from this tended garden —

Surrounded by the rustle
of sycamore leaves,
I hear the eagle
wingspans of Your voice,
I run for shelter

from the clamorous
strife of tongues,
I await
the song-soft whispers,
the lemon-yellow flutters —

Fragile wings bloom
with every springtime rose,
watered by vibrant,
crimson rivulets
from the distant hill.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

“Thou shalt hide them in the secret of thy presence from the pride of man: thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.” Psalm 31:20

8 thoughts on ““Apples of the Unseen”

  1. This spoke to me so – the apple of Knowledge and banishment; ashamed I hid from Him, picked through much strife and tests, bit by bit I grew closer to Him as my wings warmed for the flght Home.

    I don’t know whether this was your thrust, Dee – but as I read your words, the above thoughts came to the fore.


  2. So Dee, yesterday being a time to remember did you write this from the idea that you move toward this peaceful hiding spot – or from the point of view of our Father? I see you sometimes Dee perhaps weeping over all of us, thinking of Christ’s words as He spoke to Jerusalem – a hen to her chicks. I ask simply because I feel a sadness, perhaps my own, of those who pull away or do not seek His presence. It is a mangled world on the surface of things with an incredible calmness procured by an invitation that so many reject.

    • Hi Sandy, yes, perhaps unconsciously I wrote this at the remembrance of the turmoil of that day, or maybe because the turmoil is always out there, the strife of tongues and flesh, so to speak. Interesting that you perceive the weeping in my writing — the weeping definitely includes weeping for myself.

      You have put it so eloquently, that it is a mangled world, but there is a hiding place, an invitation to an “incredible calmness” that one can avail of, and yet so many reject. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this piece. I always gain more insight into my own writing from your comments.

      All my best, Dee

  3. Dee, in brief, to me, there are wisps of Eden; the rush of acting for oneself & understanding the sweet & bitterness of life … Your exploring breathes the mystery of Truth! In devotion ~Debbie

    • A very perceptive and succinct take on this piece, Debbie. I like how you phrase it as “wisps of Eden” — indeed these are part of our earthly existence. You have honed in on the crux of the meaning behind the metaphorical apples — the “rush of acting for oneself and understanding the sweet and bitterness of life”. Thank you for this wonderful decipherment.
      Love and blessings, Dee

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