31 comments on ““The Peace of God”

  1. This resonates for me, Dee.

    Beside my daily morning and night time prayers, I pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the day – takes perhaps a minute or so but feels great to have His company in my heart, mind and soul.

    Have a great weekend with your Loved Ones,

  2. O, Dee, I love this. I couldn’t help but think about a friend of mine. Her husband passed last year, and while he had been a man of faith in the early parts of their marriage, a tour in Vietnam wore him down. Even in death, he would not pray for he believed no God would allow the things he had seen. In his heart, he had been to a place where God wasn’t……. Now, I know better. God was there because he was there. There’s a reason that God is God……and we are not. I am grateful every day for the burdens He never intended me to carry. Such is faith in something (SOMEONE) bigger than my best understanding. Love you, my friend. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • Bobbie, I am so touched by your words, that there is a reason that God is God and we are not — and that you are grateful every day for the burdens He never intended you to carry. What a crystal-clear expression of faith! Thank you, Bobbie, for sharing your perspective and love you too my friend. Always, Dee

  3. Too often I pray for what I should pray for ! I’ve learned not to be a worrier for lengthy periods since there’s always a purpose we’ve yet to understand through that test & difficulty [I have found]. Paul’s wisdom was something he too learned through personal experience and, that’s probably why we can latch on to his magnificent testimony ! Another fabulous post Dee! Blessings friend ~Debbie

    • Dear Debbie, our heavenly Father’s heart must just melt with love upon hearing your prayers of what your must pray for! It takes a lot of humility to perceive beyond what human understanding can comprehend, and yet believe. It takes a lot of faith, and yet I am thankful that each of us is given a measure of it that we can work with, to put us through the difficulties in life. I agree, wisdom, as was Paul’s wisdom, is something learned through personal experience. And with wisdom comes the hope of the glorious experience of the fulfillment of God’s promises and wondrous working in our very own lives, in this world and beyond. Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your experiences of going through the crucible of difficulties, but with the comfort of God’s presence ever with you. Blessings to you too, my friend. Dee

      • I have visited the area up at Lake Michigan and it is a beautiful area up there, around the ‘lock’s’ of Sault St. Marie (Mich.) if I remember it called (way back in 1980) and have been to Wis. too, but not the area you mentioned, but sure looks beautiful in your photo. It was a wonderful post with the message and photo together.

  4. These are wonderful words which I’ve just read about 2 weeks after you posted them (been on holiday). The 2 verses from Philippians are some of my favorite Bible verses. To help me learn them, as I find memorizing more difficult these days, I wrote a song based on these and a friend set them beautifully to music. Let me know if you are interested in listening and I can post the a link to it. The peace God offers us is such a wonderful gift. Thanks for this.

    • I would love to listen to the song you wrote, Ellen! Please do provide me the link to it. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post. Likewise, I love these two verses from the Bible. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I also just came back yesterday from a trip to Asia.

    • Hi Ellen, thanks for sending the link; however, when I clicked on it, I get the message the page can’t be found. I will try to find it on your blog.

      I have never been to Australia, but would love to visit one day. I live in New Jersey, US, and autumn is fast approaching here.


      • Hi Dee, Sorry that link didn’t work. I’m fairly new to blogging and now realise (with a little assistance!) that I should have just sent the link to it on my blog. So, here it is:

        Here, it is Spring. Our Spring starts at the beginning of September. I’ve visited the US some years ago and we drove through New Jersey as we headed into New York. We didn’t explore it though. Maybe next visit we will, if there is a next visit.
        Blessings, Ellen

  5. Amen. I happened upon you this morning and the message is perfect. God has a beautiful way of doing that, doesn’t He? Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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