“Accustomed to the Warmth”

Ka Olina Palm Trees - by D G Vachal
Accustomed to the Warmth

Pacific waters glitter
with sparkling emeralds,
dazzling diamonds,
bronze feet amble
through bleached white sugar sands,
brown eyes watch palm trees sway
in a Tahitian dance.

I was accustomed to the warmth,
a stranger to the cold,
when Fate carried me on her wings
to a distant place
(could it have been Faith)

where winter has a stake
for an eternal tenure.

I brave the numbness
in the cold,
await the return
of lambent green hours,
the embrace
of pale, quivering shoulders
once again.

Through frost and wind
and lashing rain,
rebirths of grass,
while lost in palettes of sunsets
and variable
shades of dawn,
I have grown

accustomed to the warmth,
familiar with the cold,
as seasons weave the mottled
tapestries of life,
brown eyes watch pine trees stand:
stalwart guards of each passing
full-orbed year.

by D. G. Vachal © 2012-2013


...revised version of “Accustomed to the Warmth”, 2012

Photography:   1). Ka Olina Palm Trees by D. G. Vachal
                        2). Morning  Picture with Harmonious Pines by Archimond @ Flickr Commons

16 thoughts on ““Accustomed to the Warmth”

  1. You’ve captured well the relocation of your life – it might be fate, but certainly faith that made you take the plunge, I reckon – that a better life beckons.

    An easy-to-read poem, light and very visual for me.

    Thank you, Dee, for sharing,

    • You have solved the Fate/Faith conundrum in this life-relocation narration, Eric. Thank you for sharing your perspective, and I am glad to know that this poem is “easy to read, light and very visual” — what I wanted to achieve in this piece.

      Best wishes,

  2. “I was accustomed to the warmth…” and then after fate, faith and bravery – you “have grown accustomed to warm, familiar with the cold.” Hmmmm. I think my dear poet is very familiar with the warmth in both places and the mental coldness of missing the place of your birth and the very real cold of where you call home now. The work, to me, is a sigh and a pacing. A see saw of no regrets and I wonder.

    • Your take on this piece is very intriguing to me, Sandy… “a sigh and a pacing” and “a see saw of no regrets and I wonder”… Perhaps you’ve plunged into the inner depths of this post, beyond the shallows of snorkeling… Thanks so much for your thoughts. Dee

    • Witty and clever — I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you most kindly for stopping by, reading and commenting! I wish you lots of warmth as we brace for the arrival of winter, after this gorgeous autumn (here in the Northeast, at least)… Best wishes, Dee

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