50 comments on ““Cry, My Beloved Islands”

  1. So sorry to hear of their loss, and such widespread devastation there. I will pray for those there and their needs. God bless you as you go to be near them.

  2. I’ve read of the devastation and seen the news videos – terrible and horrific.

    Glad that your loved ones were spared but also praying for the less fortunate.

    Peace and prayers,

  3. I’m sincerely sorry sweet friend ~I, too, have very many friends there and, they’re all well but, the fear can choke the spirit itself ! They have our prayers always and, I believe God is watching and embracing them. He’ll not abandon them Dee~ Faithfully your friend~Deb

  4. Such a powerful poem, Dee. I am so sorry for the devastion of this storm. My heartful thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and your countrymen and women. I was so taken by your poem I felt compelled to recite it. You can find it here:
    [audio src="http://webspace.webring.com/people/lm/mostlypoetry/audio/cry_my_beloved_islands.mp3" /]

  5. God Bless, as we stand together in prayer for all those loved and lost and those suffering and survived this catastrophic horrifying event that made thousands homeless and taken so many too many lives. May the Lord give you strength and courage and shine his love upon you all in his grace, in jesus name AMEN 😦 xxx

  6. And we shall go with you – through our prayers and our silences, you shall know us. I feel the heartbreak of this piece, and yet the tearful joy of knowing many are safe. Dee, may your trip be blessed, and may your smile provide refuge for those who are broken. My love to you, beautiful friend. ~ Bobbie

    • Truly I feel you all beside me through your prayers and silences, and I see the light and beauty shining through the broken places, the wasteland and the fallen trees. And the children will hear the songs i carry with me through your love and caring. My heart overflows. Thank you so much, Bobbie. Love, Dee

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