“The Love You Hold In Your Hand”

Dove in Flight by DG Vachal

The love you hold in your hand
hold on to, for just a moment,
add to it the nectar dewdrops of dawn,
warm its quivering shoulders
with the shawl of the morning light,
round out prickly edges
with the peaking tides of the full-orbed moon  —

Only  then afterwards
may you open the lotus hand,
unravel the fragrance of pink petals,
caress the breath-light feathers,
watch the wings soar skybound
towards sun and shadow,
beyond the green and blue.

D. G. Vachal © 2013

19 thoughts on ““The Love You Hold In Your Hand”

  1. Why the can’t people see the beauty of a hand!? Especially Christ’s hands pierced? This is an embrace in elfish delicacy! BEAUTIFUL ~ beyond any Whitman! Merry Christmas sweet Dee~xo Faithfully Debbie

    • Ah, dear Debbie, you add the ethereal dimension of Christ’s pierced hand, the quintessential expression of the sacrifice of Love, perfect love defined, embodied in flesh and Who once dwelt amongst us! Thank you, Debbie — as regards Whitman, you are so kind. Merry Christmas, beautiful Debbie. Love, Dee

  2. Metaphorical throughout and sprouting out like a gentle sunglow to shroud the lands below.

    A love in hand, to be truly relished – savour and release – watch it gain it’s freedom and return willingly, drawn by your love.

    These thoughts rippled through as I read your words.

    Peace and blessings,

    • What a beautiful interpretation on this piece, Eric, which also reflects my first impulse when I first penned the words. Your commentary is poetry in and of itself. Thank you as always for your presence.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. Your poem is exquisite! It reminded me of my son Ian, as I watched him grow, he was always so amazed with every detail of his hand, he would hold it before his eyes and turn it every possible way and just smile a deep smile with his dark beautiful black eyes! Always a true blessing to visit you. Wonderfully done Dee…you have that gift to provoke thoughts, and touch hearts and minds always! God bless!

    • Oh how precious are your childhood memories of your son, Wendell! I can almost picture Ian’s laughter and joy at beholding his hand, filled with wonder. Thank you so much for sharing these sweet moments with us. And your visit is always a true blessing to me! Thank you for your kind words about this poem, and I am humbled by that gift you refer to. May I always use it for His glory! Blessings, Dee

  4. I am not a poet and feel at a loss to describe the ethereal transcendence of this poem. I have returned again and again to read it, it is so uplifting. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Dee. We are truly blessed. Wishing you and your cherished ones a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Vivian

    • Dear Vivian,
      I am so touched that you read this poem several times and found it so uplifting. The words came to me by surprise last night, bubbling up inside me while I was in the shower. The images in my mind were so vivid, and I had to run to the computer to write them down. This is one of the pieces that did not require many iterations of editing, but just somehow fell quickly into place.

      I, too, wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, Happy New Year! Dee

  5. Love when new does quiver and shake as its blooms, as it buds and blossoms becomes stronger and tangible and takes form. It is the mightiest force when full grown. There is an actor, Shah Rukh Khan, a well known romance artist in Indian movies (not to be too mundane) who has his hand shake when first finding love– such a powerful visual cue for the mighty force of love. He does not kiss but by his shaking hand shows the budding of love.

  6. This is beautiful, Dee. It has a soft sensual feel to it, but beyond that, it speaks to truth and freedom. It speaks to grace. There is a majesty to your descriptions that speaks to every heart differently. I am blessed that it speaks to me. ~ Love you. ~ Bobbie

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