“Winter Love Song”

Winter Love Song

Winter alighted this morning without warning:
a swan, snow-capped amidst the green
river bulrushes,
the garrulous cicadas have gone mute with the frogs,
the buzz of ebony bees,
no more fireworks of lightning,
nor heart-pounding thunder,
there is only silence
palpable as ivory snow-bound clouds —

Take my hand,
smitten by December winds,
warm my fingers with the hearth fires
of hours together spent,
when tears overflowed the jars of laughter,
and the laughter drowned the tears,
the letting go yet never forsaking,
when we believed in the loyal light of day
and dreamt through the darkest,
elongated nights —

Winter alighted this cold morning
without warning —
take my hand,
smitten by December winds.

© 2013 D. G. Vachal

*** Photography : Swan Blue by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

29 thoughts on ““Winter Love Song”

  1. You’ve shifted a little, Dee. The color, the visual is still there, still palpable but now I hear an undertone. The undertone is not discordant at all but a violin played faster that the orchestra – an urgency of sorts, taken by surprise; the orchestra awe struck, the violin delighted. Your winter is a surprise and a delight but I sense you feel that it brings with it a sense of the personal, the small crowd the beauty of silence with those who really know you. Well done.

    • Dear Sandy, you come up with a perceptive diagnosis, noticing the subtle shift in this piece from color, and bringing out a wonderful analogy. I love the idea of the orchestra representing sound and music with the color backdrop, and the violin highlighting the urgency and delight of winter. And you’ve honed in on the theme of a love for silence, the small crowd, and the personal. Thank you, Sandy for sharing your marvelous insights. All my best, Dee

  2. Thanking Susan for sharing this link with us! Reading it is most like watching a ballet of words, falling then rising, then bursting with energy . . .over and over. This must be read . . .over and over. You are most talented, Dee! Blessings for this Christmas season gift.

    • Thank you, Jeanne for sharing your impressions on this piece. It brings me great delight to know that reading it is “like watching a ballet of words”. What a wonderful and humbling compliment. Your words are uplifting, and they build me up. Blessings to you, too, Jeanne, this wondrous Christmas season.

  3. Again, you’ve given us some memorable lines, Dee –

    “the garrulous cicadas have gone mute with the frogs”
    “the buzz of ebony bees”
    “elongated nights —”

    Love the symbolism of the swan as white winter – flapping down silently.

    Time to gather around the hearth, exchange stories of the year behind and plans for the year ahead. All three of my three (adult) children are away and I look forward to their return home for Christmas.

    Warming our smitten hands 🙂

    Luv and joy, as we thank our Lord,

    • Hello, Eric,

      I want to thank you for reading and paying close attention to the poem and its simple message, which you have captured.

      Yes, indeed, time to gather around the hearth and exchange stories of the year behind, and plans for the coming year.

      Like you, our children are away, but we also look forward to their return home for Christmas. Jake, my son, and Amy, my daughter. Our hearts are bonfires of anticipation to be with them again during this joyous time.

      Luv and joy from my family to yours, as we thank our Lord.


  4. Dee, Winter came to southwestern Virginia also. The leaves are all gone from the trees, flowers are dead or hibernating, ground is starting to freeze. All of these herald spring to come.

  5. Even the coldest of seasons wakes within the beauty to remember our name…….. Miracles sleep in both blossom and snow…….. Always, Dee, your talent with words leaves me in awe. ~ Bobbie

    • What a sublime truth, that “miracles sleep in both blossom and snow”. Thank you for revealing this in connection with this piece. Your words are pure poetry, Bobbie, and it is I who is left in awe at your talent with words. Love, Dee

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