“Morning Light”

Morning Light 7 resized
Morning Light

Fervent feet step into aisles
of a buttressed cathedral
shod in shoes the colors of the sky,
vitelline sun,
clay after the rain —

Knees bend into kneeling
pads of the prism,
blinking eyelids
descend into oblivious
oceans of praise —

At the the stroke of celestial
harp strings,
earthenware vessels of infinite
colors coalesce
into a niveous porcelain vase:

flawless as the morning light,
the morning’s evanescent white.

D. G. Vachal © 2013

14 thoughts on ““Morning Light”

    • What a profound perception… “ice vases, the subtlety of frozen beauty”… thank you for sharing this nugget of truth, my friend! Indeed beauty is forever frozen into timelessness… into eternity. There is nothing that can diminish it, it can only grow deeper in its essence with time. Love you, Debbie. Dee

  1. There is a sweet beautiful music found only in your words, Dee. My breath calms and my eyes tear, but my heart……..my heart recognizes the song. ~ Love to you, my beautiful friend. ~ Bobbie

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