“November the Penultimate”

November the Penultimate

Never was a month so motley in its days:
November, penultimate month
of a year that frames the seasons,
when the leaves in early days
turn to brightest garnet,
a blazing topaz,
illuminated gold —

The latter days come
with the fire of the winds,
and the burning leaves take the plunge
from infernal towers of the branches
to the burial grounds of a gun-
metal, brumal earth —

November, November,
calves ache from the marathon,
hearts pound the door
to another December

When holly berries huddle upon the petals
of the soft-spoken snow,
and the fallen leaves breathe again
at the sound of the carols of the children,
the children rejoicing.

D. G. Vachal Β© 2013

Photography Credit: November’s Decline by Bucaneve

10 thoughts on ““November the Penultimate”

  1. O, Dee, I know that march…….that tenderness in the calves…….the ache forgotten of the road already gone behind. You sing to me in words I know by heart. Thank you, Dee. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. Dee – again, and again – your strength is in the color you see – I will confess to some envy here – I wish I would have wrote that – but that quickly fades – I’m so glad I read that. πŸ™‚ Happy December Dee.

    • What I want to confess is the feeling that creeps in once in a while after I write something, that I did not quite hit the ball right out of the park, but perhaps just fortunate to have batted the ball at all. This is what I felt after writing and scrubbing this piece a few times, and I am quite elated at your comments, Sandy. Thank you once more for discovering some gold and ore in this field of words. And I am so glad you read this poem, too! Happy December, Sandy! πŸ™‚

  3. This poem reminded me of one last hurrah before we pull down the shutters and get ready for the party. Strange, what we take away from words well woven.

    A lovely read, Dee. Thank you for bringing this to us,

    • What a unique and lovely way of looking at a penultimate month… “one last hurrah before we pull down the shutters and get ready for the party”…. your zest for life ever shows through, Eric. It is deliciously contagious… I am delighted the words invoked these sentiments.

      Best wishes,

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