“Once Before”

Reflect by Mikhail Tkachev
I stood here once before
on this waltzing floor
deserted by the petals —

upon the frockless windows
zirconias congregate in constellation
beyond the glass the skeletal
boughs bend
with the watchet wind.

the balance sheet bleeds white
as yesterday’s snow,  air-crisp
against the seeping eastern light —

reluctant legs lunge
from the starting line
once again.

D. G. Vachal © 2014

*** Photography: Reflect by Mikhail Tkachev

22 thoughts on ““Once Before”

    • Hi Sandy, this piece was partially inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “Reluctance”, which speaks of winter and the end of things, particularly the last stanza:

      Ah, when to the heart of man
      Was it ever less than a treason
      To go with the drift of things,
      To yield with a grace to reason,
      And bow and accept the end
      Of a love or a season?

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I am glad to know you caught what I intended to portray. 🙂 All my best, Dee

  1. …beyond the glass the skeletal boughs bend with the watchet wind…. Truly a wintry scene encapsulated in prose…lovely and exquisite…

    • My dear Wendy, First off, I apologize for this delayed response. Thank you for your encouraging and uplifing words. I am so glad you liked this poem. I am getting back to writing, but in a very sporadic way. Blessings, Dee

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