“Of Bread and Hunger”

by D. G. Vachal 2
The days ride the chariot of the whirlwind:
tomorrow’s sun is yet to be appointed —
you hold this moment’s gold, this second’s gem.

Today is bread that feeds your hunger,
strength for constricted hands
that throb to open to those in need,
(always, there are those in need)
bestow kindness even to those unkind.

Give, give of this bread,
this bread of today,
each broken crumb of every fleeting second,
scatter with abandon to reach
the hungry mouths,
even the birds of the air,
the beasts of the field —

As you give of your daily bread,
verily you will be fed.

D. G. Vachal © 2014

20 thoughts on ““Of Bread and Hunger”

  1. Beautiful, Dee. Indeed, each day we are given five loaves and two fishes……… What shall we do with them? We never miss what we give away. Love this, and you. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • O Bobbie, I just had to mention your lovely thoughts on this piece to my daughter, and she gave me an astonishing response — that yes, we are given two hands with five fingers in each hand — we are given 5 working days and 2 weekend days… we are given 5 senses that have two sides… etc. etc. Thank you for mentioning the five loaves and two fishes, as the things we have in hand as we face each new day bestowed upon us. Love to you, Dee

    • Thank you, Susan for highlighting the fact that God multiplies as we give. It is mind-boggling what multiples are possible in that multiplication, just as a single seed can grow into a tree which produces countless fruit with seeds that have potential to grow into countless trees — indeed as you mention, God replenishing the earth. Blessings, Dee

  2. The Bread of Life is He – the bread for living is wrapped in your words, Dee.

    This phrase jogged me – “bestow kindness even to those unkind”. A tough one this, and one that I struggle with daily. Most days I succumb but some days I prevail – how delightful.

    By His Grace, there is hope for me and many like me who struggle.


    • Dear Eric,
      It is during the days we prevail that brings the most happiness, for then we rise above our earthly inclinations and follow the way Divine. And in the days we struggle and succumb, there is always that Guiding Light to follow, to start anew in the morning.

      I am one counted with those who struggle. It is only by His Grace that there is hope for me, too. Thank you for shining the light on the Bread of Life in this post, Eric. Truly in Him all things consist. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      Peace and blessings,

  3. Beautiful words that remind me of the Lord’s prayer that I love so much, “give us this day our daily bread,”. The simplest of prayers yet so important. Interesting too that you wrote about bread. I sometimes will bake homemade bread and recently made one of my favorite kinds, English Muffin Loaf bread – very good and easy to make. But, today I made a couple loaves of Honey Wheat bread. Just took them out of the oven a little while ago, but not yet tasted it. 🙂 Some breads turn out better than others depending on the yeast, recipe or temperature and is such a cold winter here lately in Colorado with temps in single digits so the rising time of the breads is affected in its baking and size.

    • Oh how wonderful that you bring up the Lord’s prayer, Joyce! I am so glad this post reminds you of it. Agree, it is the simplest of prayers, the most heartfelt, and so important.

      Wow, English Muffin loaf bread, Honey Wheat Bread — I can just imbibe and smell the aroma of freshly baked bread! This is one of the most wonderful scents in the world! It’s very interesting how the making of bread depends on the yeast, recipe, temperature, weather, humidity, etc. And I hear it depends on altitude, too! Yes, Colorado must be very cold during this time of year. Here in NJ, though we also get single digits, somehow since we are in the coastal region, by the Atlantic Ocean, somehow, it does not get as extremely cold as the inland parts of the country. We’ve had two snow days back to back here in the Northeast — and another expected during the weekend! Have a blessed week and weekend ahead, Joyce!

  4. Thanks for the blessing you sent my way tonight…I love your embracing words and always the spirit that lives within them. I so loved the image you shared tonight Dee, as I looked at it and read your words my mind was filled with such a heavenly peace, leaving me with a lasting smile! Thanks again for the blessing my friend…God bless you and your family always!

    • Oh Wendell, you are such a blessing to me, as as your words of love to our Heavenly Father. I feel the deep love you have for Him and I am inspired to love Him more through your words. I am so uplifted that this post is a blessing to you, that it brought you a sense of a heavenly peace. This is beyond what I could ask for, that truly it focuses on our Heavenly Father and all He has in store for us! We are eternal creatures, and even here on earth, we have a taste of it! Thank you my dear brother for sharing in the joy of His love and salvation for us.

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