“The Times for Telling of Thy Wondrous Works”

Early Morning by Assen Alekov

The Times for Telling of Thy Wondrous Works

The times for telling of Thy wondrous works
are measured in mysterious cups of gold,
in ladles of the cauldron’s spicéd broth,
in teaspoons of the leaven for the bread.

There comes a daylight for the larks to sing,
a nighttime darkness for the silent sigh,
when eyes shed tears that sparkle with the stars,
awaken ‘midst the dewdrops on the grass.

Unknown to me tomorrow’s  paths to take,
You guide me with Your ever loving Eye,
and step by step with laughter will I take,
I walk beneath the shadow of Thy wings.

The times for telling of Thy wondrous works
are numbered with life’s tapestry of threads,
of countries and of people I have met,
the times, I know, my times are in Thy Hand.

D. G. Vachal © 2014

*** Photography Credit: Early Morning by Assen Alekov

16 thoughts on ““The Times for Telling of Thy Wondrous Works”

  1. Excellent. Dee I’m so excited about the reference to food in these wonderful line – I hope my excitement is conveyed. First and foremost I’m reminded of Christ’s promise not to touch wine until it his shared together within the realm/kingdom of God. BUT lately I’ve been bothered by my own ignorance and attitude about food. I understand nutrition and I understand that our food supply has changed – I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about our lack of reverence, that food should be consumed and viewed in a mind full of worship -that partaking in anyway is very intimate; all of our sense should be on high alert if you will and in tune with what God has done at every stage from dirt to plate – not to put too fine a point on it – but even beyond that, what we do with it. I could go on and on and I have too much but again well done.

    • Hi Sandy,
      You lead us to a nugget of truth. Food indeed should be consumed and viewed in a mind full of worship, as to what God has enabled and transformed, from dirt to seed to herb and meat. And the partaking of it is very intimate, for food is a gift to sustain life, to feed each and every cell in our body. I remember one of my friends saying that we truly have communion with each other when together we partake of food, when we break bread together. It is a sacred moment of sharing.

      I remember a Japanese roommate of mine who came to visit years after we graduated, when my children were little. She prepared a Japanese dinner for us, and I watched how she so reverently prepared the rice, stroked the grains while the water ran down from the faucet to soak it. In her graceful tiny steps, she cut the vegetables and meat, prepared the transparent noodles for the sukiyaki… every movement from head to hands to feet, an expression of thanksgiving and praise. It was a very memorable dinner for all of us.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts on this piece, Sandy.

      Peace and blessings,

  2. What a simply stunning poem that’s as deep and rich as the picture above it. Dee, your ending: “the times, I know, my times are in Thy Hand” brings such perfect peace.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • It is uplifting and a blessing to know that the words of this piece conveyed “such perfect peace”. Indeed, when we consider that God holds us in the palm of His hand, in His love, every moment of each day — the Creator of the Universe, Who is also our Heavenly Father — yes indeed, resting in Him, brings perfect peace. Thank you, Wendy.

  3. Such are words of wonderous faith………..to know we will never be in a place without God, for as sure as the sparrow, He knows and He watches…..always we are blessed in being where He designed us to be. Love to you, my beautiful Dee. Among my blessings, you are counted…..dear. ~ Love always, Bobbie

    • Dear Bobbie, I love your reference to the sparrow and how our Heavenly Father watches even one of the tiniest of birds. How beautifully you say it that “always we are blessed in being where He designed us to be”. We are always in a place where God is near, we can never flee from His presence. Love to you, too, as you are likewise a dear blessing to me. with Love, Dee

  4. As He has created us, He nurtures us and in time, welcomes us Home. But are we worthy to cross His threshold – are we appropriately ‘clothed’ and what gifts do we bring from the journeys to Our Father. What does He seek from us and of us, and what tales of good does He want us to share.

    Most of us know of these things – few are ready and even fewer will ever be ready, I reckon.


    • Hello Eric,

      Good questions you ask — are we worthy to cross His threshold, what does He seek from us and of us. None of us are worthy, but by His grace and by faith in the atoning sacrifice of His Son for all our shortcomings. I believe that is the prerequisite, and yet faith without works is dead, so we bring the gifts of good works and love for our fellowmen, from our journeys to Our Father.

      Yes, I concur, few are ready and the potential harvest for the Kingdom is plentiful.

      Peace and blessings,

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