Between now and oblivion
lies an archipelago
as a grain of sand,
expansive as the universe
of my remembrances:
where lost loves wander

The islands are mine:
the ylang-ylang,
jasmine and hibiscus —
let the florid scents haunt
my shipwrecked loves
as taunting ghosts warble
melodies of our laughter —
let parrots recite my poetry
from parchments drenched
in perfumed

O Archipelago!
for the leaving
I cannot leave,
for the weeping
I cannot weep —

tidal waves do not
wear you down,
nor the anger
of volcanoes —

you are always there
between now and oblivion.

by D. G. Vachal © 2012

* photograph: Archipel Sulu, Phillipinen by Volker

… an edited version of the original poem written in 2012

16 thoughts on ““Archipelago”

  1. Very dark, very disturbing. My grandfather, Dee, was career military, he had been to your home many times before he died – I only mention this because this work reminds me of him in a way. Dee, he hated islands. He lost stripes in Hawaii – he hated the roundness the endness, the sense that he was revolving and being taunted. I know you love your islands and they are beautiful – but this work – that a parrot should read your poetry, that loves should be haunted. Again very dark very disturbing. This place would be the dark and mysterious attic and the madwoman peering out at you, if you were Jane Eyre. Well done Dee.

    • Hi Sandy, you have struck a nerve in this piece. It was on those islands that I experienced a lot of pain and turmoil, and so perhaps the words reflect those feelings. I love my islands, but I have a different home now, but the islands still haunt me.

      It is very interesting that you caught these feelings in between the lines. I somehow re-posted this poem on the occasion of Valentine’s Day — in celebration of the “Lost Loves”, the bringing back of the pain of remembrances. Haha — the “dark and mysterious attic and the madwoman peering out” at me — that’s good, Sandy. Love that.

  2. O, Dee………. This is proof of what I’ve long suspected….words hide in the silent folds of the soul. This is beautiful beyond words I could give it. ~ Love to you and happy heart day. ~ Bobbie

    • Dear Marlyn, thank you for considering my blog for the Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award (sounds so wonderful). I am sad to say, however, that due to time constraints, I have transformed this blog into an “Award-Free” Blog. Thank you so much again, and I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your posts. All my best, Dee

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