Last Days of December

My thoughts again… on the last day of December….

lilies, sparrows and grass

Last Days of December

Time to be       tranquil now
no longer the consonant     prattle of leaves
in tussle with vowels         of the wind,
whatever must fall
to the brumal ground,
flower by flower,
seed by seed.

Colors linger in the sky,
of rose bouquets and tiger lilies,
and the poetry of April crouches
in fetal position
within the uterus of vaporous
snow clouds —

Time to be still.

by D. G. Vachal © 2012

*** Photography by Paolo De Faveri

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10 thoughts on “Last Days of December

  1. Thanks, Dee for sharing the power of your thoughts.”Time to be still.” Yes, it is.Wishing you and yours the joy of a new year._Rhenee

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