“After Winter”

Crocus Playtime - Lord V@flickr
Melted snow and now
relentless the waterfalls
flood-level ponds
drown the fragrance
of lotus white flowers —

February, you were cruel
savage winds battered homesteads
of burning hearths,
I treasure the fire
of remembered
warm seasons —

Weeping through March
dew-tears moisten earth’s
winter-hard soil, awaken
emerald and amethyst
in blades of grass
and crocus petals —

April hours come
with dove-feather showers,
lenient winds,
promise the arrival of warmer
seasons once again.

by D. G. Vachal © 2016

*** Photography by LordV@Flickr

7 thoughts on ““After Winter”

  1. Beautiful! You’ve painted some lovely word pictures. As we in the Southern Hemisphere head the opposite way, into cooler days instead of warmer, I can still enjoy imagining your warming days. God bless you.

    • Thanks so much, Ellen! I pray for gentle cool days ahead for you in the Southern Hemisphere! After the cycle, you will go into the warming days again, and we in the Northern Hemisphere, the cooler! Such are the seasons! God bless you!

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