4 comments on “Where to Start When Trials Arise

  1. Dee, I think we are on the same wave length. Last night what I blogged is going to fit right along side. btw, my site looks so fab because I have an “editor” a fellow blogger who I have become close to-we have so much in common and have spoken on the phone several times. she has it in her head that I should be published and is trying to make sure that I am easy to find and follow. Isn’t the Lord good? I certainly needed the help! It’s been all I could do to write!

    • That is a blessing, Cindy, to have an “editor” who is a fellow-blogger. I love your site. The Lord is truly good! I’ve been very busy and will be the next few days with house guests that I have not had time to write and read other blogs, but am determined to get caught up. I will definitely check out last night’s blog of yours!

  2. Inspired work, Dee. I know there’s always going to be bad stuff out there. But here’s the crux – light will always trump darkness – every time. We can choose to be in the dark, or we can light a fire. And for those with faith, God is always the fire. ~ Love, B

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