I Considered the Lilies

I Considered the Lilies

“And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin” Matthew 6:28

I considered the lilies,
birds of the air,
grass of the field —
You asked,
Are you not
much better than they

From that nascent moment
when eyes first saw the light,
mumbling lips
birthed joy
my life a conundrum,
a mustard seed,
a gift.

For You pursued me
but I found You:
as the thirsty deer
in summer
pants towards the mirthful
water brooks —

And like the almond
will I blossom
in love’s grace,
by the lilies,
birds of the air,
grass of the field —
by streams
of living water.

by D. G. V. © 2012

*** edited version of a previous post
*** photography by Oleg Shatov

17 thoughts on “I Considered the Lilies

  1. oh did i absolutely love it! how wonderfully you are able to write verse like that! I bet you can take scripture and put it to verse and music-have you tried that as well, dear Dee?

          • I had written a beautiful paragraph and it disappeared if it comes up in your space, let me know.i was explaining that I didn’t start off loving the Word, but how God Himself took me and gave me a love for it. realized am not going to have enough room for explanations here, so if you need more-ask. Psalm103,130,139. I hope you can tell why I could not chose between these 3. They are each one so precious to me!

            • Hi Cindy, There are some comments that have been going into spam folders, and apparently this is going on among the different bloggers. I’ve had to retrieve three comments from Bobbie (tornadoday) from the spam folder. I did not find yours in spam, though. Thank you for re-writing your comment, and especially for letting me know your favorite psalms! I too have more than one favorite psalm. Thanks again, Cindy.

  2. Absolutely beautiful…….. And when there were no strings to play, you played to me. Never are we ever without that love (that truth) that created us. The most a man can take from us is our life; but the best of us, he can never take unless we give it. I love this, Dee. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • Oh Bobbie, I am so thrilled you like this poem. I wrote it a few years ago, and have been editing it through time. Am so touched by your words, “when there were no strings to play, you played to me.” How absolutely true that the most a man can take from us is our life. What you say is so profound that the best of us can never be taken from us unless we give it. I’ve never heard that before! Thanks so much, Bobbie! Love, Dee

      • You’re welcome, Dee…….. I’ve heard people who express sorrow (and disdain) for the homeless walking our highways. And I agree, but there’s another part of me that envies them their freedom to go……with all that really matters either on their back or in their heart. Kinda reminds me of your post too…….. 🙂 All we need, we take with us. ~ Love you, Bobbie

  3. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, and the Sunshine Award! You can find the instructions for the Versatile Blogger Award at versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com. The instruction for the Sunshine Award can be found on my “about” page under comments by Kimberly Konkol. Congrats!

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