Carpenter of Nazareth

Carpenter of Nazareth

Bring me back to the time
before the call of disciples,
of parables told
and blind and crippled
while the grain of corn
lay dormant
in the ground —

If I could walk with You
to places
known to sparrows,
roam the woodlands
of Palestine oaks,
stroll furlongs further,
past grapevines
and date palms,
through fields of  wheat
and barley for gleaning —

If I could watch Your hands
on cedar and cypress,
handle wedge and chisel,
build tables and cradles,
wooden doors
and childhood toys —

And yet

when face to face,
as I gaze into Your eyes,
will I discern the sorrow
for Jerusalem,
the weeping
for woman and man —

O Carpenter of Nazareth,
my Lord and my God!

by D. G. V. © 2012

10 thoughts on “Carpenter of Nazareth

  1. absolutely exquisite! I think I will print it out in some beautiful font and decopage it for a present..
    When you said look into his eyes, I could do that. I could see his sorrow over jerusalem or us. it is truly beautiful!

  2. Beyond the LOVE that is ours for God is the love that is ours for His son, the flesh and blood man. Both are truly divine, one made all the more by the other. I love this, Dee. Always, your words fill me up…… ~ Love, Bobbie

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