Breathlessly Miskeyed

Breathlessly Miskeyed

Oh when a thousand tongues
sing praises
to an unbefitting god,
then the world turns
upside down,
flips over,
plunges into depths
under violent waves,
no breath
for shriveled lungs
till blue meets blue
in direful depths,
for a gasp
of air,
for life,
for truth.

© 2012  by D. G. V.

* photo: Swan Underwater by Viktor Lyagushkin @flickr

8 thoughts on “Breathlessly Miskeyed

  1. So very true, Dee…and the world latches on so quickly, so easily, to the next ‘great thing’ to come down the road, whatever it may be, that gives a fleeting moment of enjoyment…not realizing that real life and truth have been staring them in the face the whole time, if they would just look in the right place. As always, very thoughtful words, Dee.


    • Through all the pages of history, and throughout this entire planet, there was one and only one person Who claimed: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”, and as many who proved His words by believing in Him, have validated these words to be true in their very own lives. Thank you, Lester for your insights and comments. Dee

  2. What a beautiful message and also a beautiful picture – for even in an upside down world, the swan, though out of place, brings with her an air of grace. It is her presence in times as this – such that when gone is surely missed. No matter our wanderings, our truth goes with us into every dark and lowly (unfamiliar) place. Thank you for this, Dee. Your writings fill my soul with light. Truly. Love you. ~ Bobbie

    • You are absolutely right, Bobbie, and how wonderful your interpretation, that even in an upside-down world, Truth within us and surrounding us, seeks us out, and in places that seem the darkest and most perplexing. Thank you so much for breathing even more life into the poem! Love, Dee

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