10 comments on “God is Light

  1. Well said, Dee…God is pure Light, pure Life, pure Right(eous). Where sin occurred, a penalty had to be paid; otherwise God would have denied His own righteousness. And, in His pure Love, He sent our Lord Jesus to pay it on our behalf, because He knew we couldn’t…what’s more, He didn’t want us to have to. Thanks for this spot-on perspective.


    • Thank you, Lester, for adding more insight into this post. Truly, in His pure love, He found a way when there was no apparent way for us to be saved — He sent His only begotten Son Jesus that through Him we can be saved. Dee

  2. I love this, Dee because it moves me to thought. Is God holy because He is love; or is He love because of His holiness? How can one be separated from the other? The cross was essential for our own salvation, but the sacrifice was one of love for us. Of all I know of God, there is more that I do not…but I know Him as father, holy, and love. Where one begins and another ends is grander than my vision, but yet truth I would die to defend. Beautiful. Love you…… ~ Bobbie

    • Dear Bobbie, I share your sentiments which you describe in words so beautifully. Yes, truly God’s attributes are infinite, way beyond what our human understanding can fathom, even though we get glimpses of revelation of His character in the Bible. I love how you say “where one begins and another ends is grander than my vision, but yet truth I would die to defend.” Thank you so much for enhancing this post with your thoughts and perspectives. Love you, Dee

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