18 comments on “Knowing God as Father

  1. You wrote this one for me, Dee. I needed this encouragement. When we go through a season of cleaning out our mind – seeing what our real motivations are, then it is nice to be reminded that He is still our Father.

    • I am glad and heartened to know that this post spoke to you and encouraged you, Sandra! A season of cleaning out our mind is needful, and yes, comforting to know that through it all, we are reminded that He is our Father. And as an earthly father has compassion upon his children, so does our heavenly Father have compassion upon us, His children, as we go through the difficult moments in our lives.

  2. How wonderful that you made the journey to visit your father and thank you for the reminder of our Father in heaven awaiting our ‘coming home’. Beautiful!

  3. welcome home, how strange it must feel to be home again. but i see by your meditation that the solid rock you stand on is stronger than ever. God bless you and your writing! much love…

  4. Dearest Dee, I loved this, and admit that I was in tears by the time I finished reading. I, as you, am blessed to be the child of such a loving and dear earthly father, and the same in my Father above. We are precious gifts, as they are to us, as we seek always to understand the magnitude of the love they give us unconditionally. Thank you for sharing…….and for the joy I know you experienced in being with your father. Mine turned 80 this past month, and every day with him is a bliss I can hardly speak of. ~ Love you, Bobbie

    • Dearest Bobbie, I am so glad you loved this post, and happy to know that we share the same experience of having loving earthly fathers. My father turned 87, and I am in awe of how he is still so strong mentally and physically, still serving the people he has served for decades. Love you too, Dee

  5. As someone who suffered extreme abuse from three ‘fathers’ I was a definite man-hater and the thought of ‘father’ had no attraction for me.
    At a critical point of my life, when I had no thought for God, God stepped in. In the space of a VERY short time I came to know Him as a PERFECT Father: Someone who only desired the very, very best for me.
    That was 54 years ago, and I must say that in all those years, He has indeed been my perfect Father. He has been my Teacher and Guide; my Strength and Enabler; my Challenger and Corrector; my Encouragement and Comforter; my Provider and Refuge . . . ALL I have needed.

    What an amazing God!

    • Those must have been such painful years with three abusive “fathers”. Yes, what an amazing and loving God, Who stepped in and took you out of the miry clay and set your feet upon a rock, and became your perfect Father. Thank you so much for sharing your life experience, it fills my heart with rejoicing.

  6. Magnificent ! I was so happily surprised by this and your flawless telling the truth! Identity is so vital to be identified from the second we are born in order to stop swinging back and forth from one weak limb to another when the SON established truth from the beginning ! He is the Beginning ! Wonderful !

  7. i was just thinking about you and your trip to see your father, and i suddenly remembered one of the first poems i read of yours, and i hoped i would find it. you wrote it for him and it reveals the sweetest relationship. yes, just as beautiful as i remembered… have a wonderful weekend…

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