Moonlight Silver to Autumn Gold

Moonlight Silver to Autumn Gold

Amidst the ebb and flow of tides,
listen to silence
deafening to the restless
crabs that crawl
from shell to shell
upon the amber sands  —

Look up to the strands
of moonlight,
above  the darkened,
serried pines of cryptic
forests —

Ride the chariot
of the hours,
watch the silver countries
turn to Autumn gold
in the warmth of the morning

by D. G. V.  © 2012

***Photography by D. G. Vachal © 2012

31 thoughts on “Moonlight Silver to Autumn Gold

  1. Dee, beautiful work the language and vision your words invoke – have you been to where you speak? Ribbons of moonlight, the shift from crabs shell to shell – but then the pines – I’m moving from a sea shore to my own northern woods. And then the chariot of hours – I’m plunged back to my studies of women, their history, the book of hours that were often commissioned for wealthy women – and ultimate gift from one to the other – or are we talking more of a female version of of a chariot ride in the night – the moon, attributted to women, rather than the sun a calmness rather than the disasterous ride of…was it Apollo? – or am I thinking too much? 🙂

    • Hi Sandra, no you are not thinking too much! I love the way you apply laser beam focus on the different images of this poem — I appreciate your fresh and delightful reflections. Yes I have been to the places I speak of, to some, wherein I was totally immersed, and other places in passing, until the memory of the place recreated itself in a more compelling way. This poem certainly puts on a unique life of its own as you read it. When I wrote this piece, the chariot to my mind was “gender-free”, a vehicle for transcending the mundane and restless affairs of the world, a calmness wrought by silence, in the knowing that the passing of the nighttime hours always brings daylight, in the very midst of the passing of the seasons. Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts on this poem, Sandra! 🙂

    • Dear Bobbie, yes, I am of the same mind and heart as you, that it is a blessed privilege to be alive, to feel and to know at the same time, to partake of the miracles that embrace us at every moment of our breathing. Thank you so much for your kindness and your friendship. Love, Dee

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