Infinitely Green

Infinitely Green

For a moment 
take me away
from the mottled colors
of autumn,
far from the music
of brass trumpets
and trombones,
for I long to hear the sound
of forgotten
woodwinds —

Huddled pines stand,
upon the splendid mountains,
with balsam fragrance:
infinitely green
this very moment,
before the egrets
of winter

by D. G. Vachal © 2012

*** Photography: Lake Tahoe by Jason Woodcock

28 thoughts on “Infinitely Green

  1. My Dee, my dearest Dee……..these words steal my breath, and play against a heart that knows their song. I grieve with you the loss and envy you the gain…… Beautiful. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. beautiful, i love the egrets at the end bringing their blanket of white. and it put me in mind of the oboe, which i love so much. thank you for such beauty in your words…

  3. tremendously beautiful flow and imagery…I love the synchronicity of…”green,
    infinitely green… this very moment, before the egrets of winter alight…”

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