“Carrot Encounter”

Carrot Encounter

O Mandarin Muteness:
crunchy chrysanthemum petal
perpendicular to the river,
tangelo sun-paint,
fervent monk in the twilight
brass of tangerine …

green-sombreroed stalactite of a star-
illuminated cavern.

D. G. Vachal © 2014

*** image from manypicture.com

Infinitely Green

Infinitely Green

For a moment 
take me away
from the mottled colors
of autumn,
far from the music
of brass trumpets
and trombones,
for I long to hear the sound
of forgotten
woodwinds —

Huddled pines stand,
upon the splendid mountains,
with balsam fragrance:
infinitely green
this very moment,
before the egrets
of winter

by D. G. Vachal © 2012

*** Photography: Lake Tahoe by Jason Woodcock

First Stroll

First Stroll

I remember butterflies
and spring grass
and ivy climbing to heights
of ivory towers, testing
perimeters of leaden grilles
against foggy glass.

We sat on the stony steps
of Winants Hall,
lingered for endless moments,
and after a while
walked up a hill where the bell
tower stood
still in time
as the train to Trenton whistled
down the railroad tracks.

by D.G. Vachal © 2012

*** photograph: Ivory Tower by spiritflare@Flickr

Pink Porcelain Cups

Pink Porcelain Cups

I saw your face
devoid of air:
a crumpled raisin,
blue eyes squinting
at the light.

Your first utterance a memory
of joy,
for in the silence of my sorrow,
piercing cries,
abbreviated gasps for air
broke into sobs of song
filling empty cupboards
of my hungry heart.

I see your comely face
after years have formed
from still-life brushstrokes —
you speak,
I understand
as I did then
when you mumbled words
so long ago.

Showers cascade softly
upon delicate petals,
thirsty leaves;
You pour
our favorite tea
into pink porcelain cups.

by  D. G. Vachal © 2012

* photograph : Pink Painting by TC Davis @Flickr Commons