“Spring Percolates”

Pear tree blossoms
as the stars,
packed into constellations
individual as the eye,
purity of milk and diamonds,
whitecaps of oceans

into another dream,
lost moments found,
forgotten tales
of skeletal branches
putting on fat and flesh,
garbed in gowns of organza,
taffeta and voile,
of golden green,
magenta’s pink,
and crimson of the maples,
the stars

descend from the heavens,
dip into the tin paint
gallons of the rainbow,
morph into manifold
forms  of delight,
crayola of corollas
upon the vibrant grass.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

25 thoughts on ““Spring Percolates”

    • Thank you, Heidi. This is the tree I love most in our backyard — I could gaze up at the clumps of flowers for a long time, just drinking in the profusion of beauty. I am glad I was able to share this view with you! 🙂

  1. honestly I’m speechless ! There’s so much bounty for every one of the physical and spiritual senses to dabble in, the robust delicacy of your images are perfectly unpredictably grand!

  2. Exceptional. You have a gift of reminding the reader of color, of bringing about in the readers own mind what he or she has seen before – but now, after reading your work – there are descriptions for what was seen. The beauty of being able to remind the reader of what is familiar gives us a very important gift – we go out again, with your descriptions – and say “yes, that’s it, she was right – there is the golden green the poet gave me.” Very well done.

    • Thank you, Sandra, for pointing out a gift within me that I have not seen before! Somehow your words make me a little bit more thankful to be alive. More than that, you are a gift to me. All my best, Dee

  3. Pure magic, Dee……… I close my eyes now and see the colors, and feel the fragrant blooms folding around me…….. Spring does indeed percolate! It brews within our cup until we cannot resist the drinking! I love this……..truly magical. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • Dear Bobbie, I knew somehow you would enhance and give more depth and dimension to the meaning behind the word “percolate” — you have described it in the most perfect way imaginable as it relates to this poem. Thank you for your lovely presence. Love, Dee

  4. I’ve clicked thro’ from Eric’s site, Dee, and I am so glad I did,. … lovely descriptive poem… and gorgeous photo of the tree with branches fully swathed … dressed to please every eye. xPenx

    • Thank you, Penny. It is a pleasure to have you visit my site, and grateful to Eric for directing you here. I apologize for the delayed response as I am currently traveling with intermittent internet connectivity. I look forward to visit your site soon! All my best, Dee

  5. HI Dee. The lovely Eric invited us to visit you. I am glad I did. I love this poem. I’ll be perusing your work here soon. It’s late here and I’m off t bed for a little poetry reading and a deep nights sleep.

    • Dear Jeanne, how lovely of you to visit my blog, and I am grateful to Eric for directing you here. It is uplifting to know you loved this poem. I apologize for the delayed response, as I am currently traveling with unpredictable internet connectivity. I look forward to perusing your site soon! All my best, Dee

  6. A beautiful ode to spring and all its beauty…the very first poem of yours i’ve read
    and certainly not the last! You have such a talent for capturing the fragility and beauty in nature. =)

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